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The X-Files Season 11 Releases First Trailer

The X-Files returned for a tenth season in the winter of last year, after a 15-year hiatus. Though the season ranged from deeply aberrant to a pale shadow of its former self, the ratings were good, and creator Chris Carter quickly expressed interest doing an eleventh full season. Now, a new 10-episode season is slated to arrive in early 2018, and the first trailer for it premiered during The X-Files panel at New York City’s Comic Con this weekend.

Beginning with clips from the last season’s cliffhanger finale, the teaser is designed to show us that, once again, the stakes have been raised, and Planet Earth is very much in danger. “Civilization is in its final stages…” the Cigarette-Smoking Man says to an appalled Skinner in the clip. “I’m asking you to betray the whole human race.” Mulder and Scully, meanwhile, seem mostly set on finding their lost son William, who factors into the drama in some large way. There are also appearances from the elusive Lone Gunmen. Watch below.