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Drag Us

Radiohead are up for induction into the next year’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame class. They’re almost a shoo-in for entrance, considering they fit the main criteria: they’re popular, influential, good, and white. Recently, Fox News host Kat Timpf was asked on The Greg Gutfeld Show who she thought would get into the Hall, and proceeded to paint a vicious portrait of the average Radiohead fan.

“I think that Radiohead’s definitely going to get in, and should get in,” she said. “I don’t even like them, but the kind of guys that I like have to be three things: strange, malnourished, and sad. And those guys always like Radiohead! I had to pretend to like Radiohead for years to get these men even though the music is just elaborate moaning and whining over ring tone sounds and you know what, if that’s not fame and power that will get me to do that for someone else then I don’t know what is.”

Fuck us up Kat!!! [Consequence of Sound]