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Melissa Etheridge and Todd Rundgren Were Both Arrested for Weed This Summer at the Canadian Border

TMZ has uncovered evidence of two weed-based celebrity drug arrests from this summer, both at the Canadian border in North Dakota. The culprits? Melissa Etheridge and Todd Rundgren. Doubtless, the two veritable singer-songwriters thought they could keep their THC-related transgressions from the public. But now, finally, we know the sordid truth: On August 17, Etheridge was reportedly caught with marijuana oil, and Rundgren with two vapes and liquid THC on September 9.

Etheridge is a cannabis entrepreneur in California, and has publicly spoken out about the benefits weed provided during her recovery from breast cancer, which she was diagnosed with in 2004. (She has also been publicly chided for admitting to smoking up with her college-age children.) Despite allegedly telling the authorities that she uses weed for medicinal purpose, Etheridge was booked and took a mug shot, which you can check out at TMZ. Rundgren, according to the gossip site’s report, had no reputable excuse.

Rundgren released his latest album, White Knight, in May; in April, Melissa Etheridge was spotted busking in the New York City subway.