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Johnny Cash’s Unearthed Is Getting a Giant Vinyl Box Set

Headshot of American country singer Johnny Cash (1932 - 2003) singing on stage in a still from the film, 'Johnny Cash - The Man, His World, His Music,' directed by Robert Elfstrom, 1969. (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

Johnny Cash‘s posthumous release, Unearthed, will appear on vinyl for this first time this November, reports Rolling Stone. Shortly after Cash’s death in 2003, producer Rick Rubin compiled a massive box set of Cash’s later recordings, including previously unreleased songs. Unearthed contained acoustic, electric, and gospel numbers, including Cash’s now-iconic cover of the Nine Inch Nails song, “Hurt.”

The enormous new boxset will consist of 79 tracks across nine LPs, and will also include a 60-page coffee table book containing liner notes, photographs, and commentary from Cash and Rubin. Guest musicians on the LPs include Nick Cave, Fiona Apple, Carl Perkins, and the recently departed Tom Petty.

Unearthed will be released on November 3 via Rick Rubin’s American Recordings. Until then, revisit the album on Spotify: