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Listen to a Chopped Not Slopped Remix of Grizzly Bear’s Veckatimest and Painted Ruins

This week’s best new release involves Moonlight director Barry Jenkins and Ed Droste. Jenkins teamed up with chopped and screwed champions DJ Candlestick and OG Ron C of the Chopstars to deliver PURPLE VECKATIMEST / PAINTED RUINS (CHOPNOTSLOP). It is what the title says: In a stroke of mad genius, the trio have produced copped not slopped remixes of Grizzly Bear’s third album and their most recent LP, complete with DJ voiceovers. The band’s Twitter account has already expressed their approval and exchanged pleasantries with the director.

Give the 23-track mix a listen below. Moonlight’s own soundtrack also got the chopped and screwed treatment back in February.