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Ariel Pink Responds to Reports of “Gross” Onstage Behavior

Weird-pop artist Ariel Pink took some criticism this past weekend after an anonymous online account of uncomfortable onstage behavior at a show in San Francisco implied that he’d mistreated his girlfriend and band member, Charlotte “Charles” Ercoli. In a series of tweets last night (October 18), Pink made an effort to diffuse the situation, writing that he “got very drunk and overdid everything” and that he’s “tone deaf and not sensitive enough to the real plight of women these days.” He concluded: “My behavior onstage was gross and I can’t defend it.”

The day before (October 17), Ercoli also took to Twitter to say the “wrestling/manhandling” was consensual, and that she was just “[having] fun with her boyfriend on stage.” Ercoli feels she’s been “victimized by feminists.” See both sets of tweets below.

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