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Wolves in the Throne Room – “Mother Owl, Father Ocean”

Black metal band Wolves in the Throne Room has premiered “Mother Owl, Father Ocean” off their upcoming LP Thrice Woven, one of our most anticipated releases for Fall 2017. Released as a companion to the band’s ear-throbbing, unrestrained earlier single “Angrboda,” “Mother Owl, Father Ocean” offers listeners a brief reprieve in the form of gorgeous, hypnotizing instrumentation before shifting into their signature dark sound and closing on the lush, evocative vocals of Swedish singer Anna von Hausswolff.

“When I close my eyes and listen to Anna’s voice, I see the cold grey oceans of the north,” drummer Aaron Weaver said to Metal Hammer. “It reminds me of the saltwater near my beloved home, and the cold oceans everywhere. Hail to the icy waters of this Earth! Hail Anna!”

Wolves in the Throne Room will be touring North America alongside Pillorian throughout the fall before crossing the Atlantic. The band’s sixth LP Thrice Woven, which features earlier single “Born from the Serpent’s Eye,” drops September 22 via the band’s label Artemisia Records.