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Video: The Pains of Being Pure at Heart – “So True”

New York power-pop shoegazers The Pains of Being Pure at Heart have been rolling out their new album, The Echo of Pleasure, over the last few months. The record was released in full on September 1. But today, the band–fronted by Kip Berman–released a video for the album’s most recent single, “So True.”

Directed by Nicola Saint-Marc, the visual follows two young Norwegian women as they struggle with maintaining identity in the face of polite society. The song is an allegory for not only the banality of bourgeoisie etiquette, but also what it means to maintain that eponymous purity of heart. Berman explains through a press release:

“[…] it’s also ultimately from the perspective of how I am older, married with a daughter and incapable of chaining myself to an oil rig or passing out in the park because I have things I need to do and people to care for. I could never be ‘so true’ as all that.”

Watch the bokeh-filled video below.