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Video: Lil Yachty- “Lady In Yellow”

Lil Yachty has released a new video for his languid, liquid song “Lady In Yellow” from his debut album Teenage Emotions. The monochrome video opens in a rainbow-painted kitchen, where the object of Yachty’s affection is choosing between a row of ROYGBIV-toned cabinets. Unsurprisingly, she favors the lemon option, and we launch into three minutes of sun-kissed bliss.

Lil Yachty, who arrives on the scene in—what else?— a big yellow taxi labeled “Teenage Emotions,” wastes no time. His lazily-delivered proposition to the titular golden female is: “Little miss lady in the yellow, wassup? I just got a question, baby, can I fuck on you?”

Following this polite line of questioning, Yachty alternates between courting multiple marigold-clad beauties, bouncing on a yellow trampoline, and standing dramatically in the rain while a daffodil-dressed queen bicycles around him.

Watch the video in all its single-hued glory below: