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The National Have Another Album’s Worth of New Material Written

CORK, IRELAND - SEPTEMBER 16: Bryce Dessner (L) and Matt Berninger (R) of The National performs at Cork Opera House as part of Sounds From A Safe Harbour festival on September 16, 2017 in Cork, Ireland. (Photo by Kieran Frost/Redferns)

The National have another album’s worth of new material and it shouldn’t be long until we get to hear more from the band who just weeks ago shared the terrific new full-length Sleep Well Beast.

In an interview with NME, the band shared that they’re overwhelmed with the amount of leftover songs from recent writing sessions and are working to get them out into the world.

“Oddly, there was a whole other strain of music that we were making that we were all very excited about,” shared guitarist Aaron Dessner. “That was more of us playing in a room and more conventional ‘National as a rock band’ thing. There was a brightness to it, and a lot of the songs didn’t need anything adding to them. There was a whole batch of stuff like that a couple years ago, then we ended up going down all these different rabbit holes and ended up where we are now on Sleep Well Beast.

Fellow guitarist Bryce Dessner added: “There are all kinds of new techniques and sounds we’re exploring and we could go in way deeper. Aaron and I have been exploring that in a deeper way already, and other things that we’re doing, but I think I could see us doing something far more simple as well.”
Aaron continues: “The last thing we do after finishing a record is plan a next one. I will say we have a lot of music that we’ve made so there is more than one record there. In the short-term we have to work out if and how we use any of that.”

Though the details are still sparse, frontman Matt Berninger added that it’ll highly likely it’ll be released in “less than four years.” Read the interview here and revisit our review of their outstanding new album.