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Watch the First Full Trailer for The Disaster Artist, James Franco’s Movie About the Making of Tommy Wiseau’s The Room

Following a strong teaser clip that surfaced this summer, the first full trailer for The Disaster Artist, James Franco‘s film about the making of actor-director Tommy Wiseau’s noted cinematic catastrophe and cult favorite The Roomhas been released by A24. The clip takes us through the chronology of Franco’s movie, opening with Wiseau (James Franco) and The Room‘s supporting actor Greg Sestero (Dave Franco) striking up a friendship. It shows a snippet of Franco-as-Wiseau hamming it up gloriously in a production of A Streetcar Named Desire. Then we get some insight writing and making of The Room, with Seth Rogen playing the on-set skeptic as script supervisor Sandy Schklair. There is also an appearance from Judd Apatow. It all looks promising. The Disaster Artist will be in theaters in December 8. Watch the trailer below.