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Questlove Announces New Book Creative Quest

Questlove, The Roots drummer and self-appointed spreader of musical wisdom, is releasing a book. Creative Quest is the followup to this non-fiction volume from last year, something to food about: Exploring Creativity with America’s Most Innovative Chefs. Previously, Questlove also wrote 2013’s Soul Train: The Music, Dance, and Style of a Generation and co-wrote 2015’s Mo’ Meta Blues: The World According to Questlove.

According to a statement from Ecco, the book’s publisher, Creative Quest “synthesizes all the creative philosophies, lessons, and stories [Questlove has] heard from the many creators and collaborators in his life, and reflects on his own experi­ence, to advise readers and fans on how to consider creativity and where to find it.” In addition to personal anecdotes, you can expect Quest to impart “lessons he’s learned from forefathers such as George Clinton, collaborators like D’Angelo, or like-minded artists including Ava DuVernay, David Byrne, Björk, and others.”

The book cover of Creative Quest, somewhat notably, features a Rube Goldberg machine with Questlove’s head in the middle. The author told BuzzFeed: “We built this machine as an illustration of my creativity and my creative process. It’s the Questlove Idea Device. Does it actually work? That’s for the reader to decide.”

You’ll have to wait a while to decide, however. Creative Quest isn’t out until April of 2018. You can pre-order it now, however. Check out the cover art below.

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