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Watch Paul McCartney Perform with Bruce Springsteen at Madison Square Garden Concert

“This is going to be a night full of memories for me,” Paul McCartney said in a social media post before Friday night’s (Sept. 15) concert at Madison Square Garden in New York. As it turned out, the show made a lasting memory for the fans in the audience when Bruce Springsteen came out on stage during the encore.

“Sir @PaulMcCartney just introduced @springsteen at @TheGarden for “I Saw Her Standing There.” Hope no one pulls the plug!! #OneOneOne,” Backstreets magazine, a Springsteen fan publication, tweeted as the Boss came on stage.

Springsteen, joined by McCartney and his band and Springsteen guitarist Steve Van Zandt, played “I Saw Her Standing There” not once but twice. “Rockin’ out with The Boss — Sounded so good we had to do it twice!,” McCartney tweeted later. The show also contained another memorable moment — McCartney’s rare live performance of “A Day in the Life.”

“3 hours sleep , but what a night ! There is nothing like a Paul McCartney show. Fab band, great songs, the loveliest group of people. Magic,” Maureen Van Zandt, Steve Van Zandt’s wife, tweeted Saturday.

“I was there. Pretty crazy,” said Michele Ryder, who also was celebrating her birthday.

“Paul was so happy to be playing in New York,” Maggie Clarke told Billboard. “He mentioned his friends and relatives being here at least twice. It was a nice highlight to see Bruce and Steven play and kind of funny that he immediately decided they needed to do it again.”

Watch the performance below.

This article originally appeared on Billboard.