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Play Japanese Breakfast’s New Browser Game, Japanese BreakQuest

Michelle Zauner of Japanese Breakfast has unveiled a new online role-playing game based on her recent album Soft Sounds From Another Planet. Japanese BreakQuest adapts the plot of the music video for “Machinist,” about a woman on a spaceship who becomes obsessed with building a mechanical robot body for an AI lover. In the game, her name is J-Brekkie, and she’s also required to assemble a team of bandmates to help her battle enemy aliens with musical “weapons” and abilities like “Philly indie cred.”

The game features all of the album’s songs as 8-bit MIDI tracks, created by Zauner’s husband and bandmate Peter Bradley. The whole thing is full of current indie rock references: Former Japanese Breakfast tour mate Jay Som plays a pivotal role, and the various collectable items are named for friends like Charly BlissCende, and (Sandy) Alex G.

Japanese BreakQuest was developed by Zauner and designer Elaine Fath. If you beat the game, your prize is a free download of the MIDI songs. (My first two games ended in death by alien, but it was fun.) Play Japanese BreakQuest here, and read our recent feature, “Inside Japanese Breakfast’s Planetary Daydream.”