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Iglooghost – “White Gum”

Iglooghost is a young British producer with a debut album forthcoming from Flying Lotus’ Brainfeeder label. Like his label boss, he makes inventive, psychedelic electronic music with a strong maximalist streak; unlike FlyLo, he’s got a thing for the ultra-crisp sounds of contemporary pop and EDM production, weaponizing their hi-def sonics and deep sub-bass toward tracks that are several orders of magnitude too weird for the radio. “White Gum,” his latest, features a repeated snippet of sampled rapping that ricochets through an array of increasingly alien sound-worlds, like a steel sphere bouncing around a giant cosmic pinball machine. Whether or not the song is up your alley, I can promise you it’s like nothing else you will hear today.

Ne? Wax Bloom, Iglooghost’s album, will be out September 29. Hear “White Gum” below.

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