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Gun Outfit – “Strange Insistence”

The L.A.-via-Olympia band Gun Outfit makes expansive rock songs that have as much to do with the heartache of Lucinda Williams and Townes Van Zandt as they do with the humid sprawl of Sonic Youth. Dylan Sharp, who shares songwriting and lead vocal duties with Carrie Keith, spins druggy poetry over a bed of shimmering clean guitars on “Strange Insistence,” their latest: “Speed makes you a genius / Cocaine will make you rich / LSD shows you divinity / Everything’s alright on opiates / In the meantime, you’ll just smoke cigarettes.” (In our experience, a fondness for cocaine makes you the opposite of rich, but we’ll allow it.)

“Strange Insistence” is the first single from their new album Out Of Range, due out November 10 via the consistently great Paradise of Bachelors label. Fans of PoB alum Steve Gunn will find a lot to enjoy in their music. Hear it below.