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Fatima Al Qadiri Announces Shaneera EP, Releases “Alkahaf”

Dancefloor conceptualist Fatima Al Qadiri has announced a new five-track EP entitled Shaneera, which will be released October 13 via Hyperdub. The record takes its name from a piece of queer slang used in Al Qadiri’s native Kuwait and other Arab countries, meaning something like a “a gender-defying persona” of an “evil queen,” according to a statement from the artist. “Alkahaf,” the lead single, which features contributions from vocalists Bobo Secret, Lama3an, Chaltham, and Naygo–all of them in their first recorded appearance, apparently–sounds a bit like Al Qadiri’s sinister sci-fi take on east coast club music and ballroom house. Hear it below.