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Watch Father John Misty’s Entertaining Performance and Interview on Seth Meyers

Father John Misty was on Late Night With Seth Meyers last night, and not just to perform. While he did run through Pure Comedy’s “Things It Would Have Been Helpful To Know Before The Revolution,” he also sat down for an interview with Myers, who is apparently a fan. Incidentally, this makes Josh Tillman, as Stereogum reports, the first artist on Sub Pop Records to do an interview on late-night TV.

“I can’t imagine somebody who calls themselves ‘Father John Misty’ having, like, a good reason for anything,” Tillman said, before regretting that he hadn’t chosen to call himself Dr. Fun. He discussed an unnamed upcoming movie role, in a film starring Sterling K. Brown, in which Tillman’s character gets “his head blown off.”

“If you put what I do on paper, and submitted it to a manager as ‘guidelines for success,’ you’d get fired,” Misty said, comparing himself to a “Hogwarts professor whose just been awoken from his sleep.” He then reminisced about his botched attempt to make Pure Comedy into a musical.

In other recent FJM news, he’s “pretty much done” with a new album and loves the new LCD Soundsystem album. Watch Tillman’s Seth Meyers performance and interview below.