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Dori Freeman – “If I Could Make You My Own”

Dori Freeman is a country singer-songwriter from Virginia who released her acclaimed self-titled debut album last year. Not long ago, she released “If I Could Make You My Own,” the first single from her forthcoming second record Letters Never Read. I’ll admit that the song caught my attention because it features the guitar work of 68-year-old English legend Richard Thompson, one of the world’s greatest players in any genre. (His son Teddy Thompson produced it.) “If I Could Make You My Own” is a simple, winsome ballad in which a narrator fantasizes about devoting herself to the object of her affection in increasingly outsized terms. Thompson’s playing will be recognizable to fans from the very first notes, and remains as thoughtful and subtly inventive as ever.

Letters Never Read, which also includes a version of the Richard and Linda Thompson classic “I Want to See the Bright Lights Tonight,” is out October 20. Hear “If I Could Make You My Own” below.