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Dave Grohl Says Foo Fighters Were Going to Record Their New Album Live Until PJ Harvey Did It First

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - AUGUST 29: Dave Grohl of Chevy Metal performs at Oxford Arts Factory on August 29, 2017 in Sydney, Australia. (Photo by Don Arnold/Getty Images)

According to a new, chummy Beats 1 interview with Dave Grohl on Lars Ulrich‘s Beats 1 show It’s Electric!, Foo Fighters were planning to record their latest album live at The Hollywood Bowl, in a makeshift studio in front of a live audience.

When discussing their release party plans, Grohl explained that he originally planned to use a Hollywood Bowl date he had on the books to “build a recording studio on-stage…with isolation booths, and a control room with tape reels, and the whole deal.” He said he was also hoping to have the concert and recording session broadcast “live on HBO.” But Grohl clarified that the plan was foiled when “maybe 8 months later, PJ Harvey did something similar…And I was like, ‘That’s sort of similar, now I can’t do that other thing.'” In 2015, PJ Harvey created her 2016 album The Hope Six Demolition Project in forty-five-minute live sessions at the Somerset House in London, as part of an art installation called Recording in Progress.

Foo Fighters’ new album Concrete and Goldwhich was not recorded in front of a live audience but does feature Paul McCartney and Justin Timberlake, is due out on Friday (September 15). Listen to Ulrich and Grohl’s Beats 1 interview below.