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Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon Blasts Hillary Clinton Over Bernie Sanders Comments

Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon took to Twitter today to criticize Hillary Clinton’s recent comments about Bernie Sanders. Leaked excerpts of Clinton’s new book suggest that she harbors a fair amount of animosity toward Sanders following the brutal 2016 election. At one point, Clinton wrote: “[Sanders] didn’t get into the race to make sure a Democrat won the White House, he got in to disrupt the Democratic Party.” Vernon didn’t like that one bit and said the following:

From there, a user named Dan replied to Vernon’s tweet and asked him to reconsider his position:

Vernon responded:

Vernon faced more criticism and continued the debate:

He later pointed to the fact that the Trump Administration is making moves to end DACA today and said that Clinton’s decision to share this criticism of Sanders “on a day like today” is “SO self-centered.” Replies pointed out that the comments came from the aforementioned leaked book excerpt and were not, in fact, made today. (Vernon realized his mistake later and tweeted “my bad.”)

Vernon made it clear that he voted for Clinton in the general election…

…but also reminded his followers: “Bernie would’ve won.”

You can check out more of the lengthy, ongoing thread here.

This post originally appeared on Stereogum.