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The Knife Announce Shaking the Habitual Live Film, Album, and Photo Book

For the 2014 tour supporting their sprawling, experimental fourth (and final) album Shaking the Habitual, The Knife (Karin and Olof Dreijer) brought in a team of dancers, choreographers, performers and artists to create an elaborate, dance-based stage experience. It was unlike anything the band had previously attempted. The tour was documented in videos, recordings and photographers, and now the Dreijers are releasing their performance at New York City’s Terminal 5 as a live album and video. They are also releasing a limited-edition photo book about the tour.

The film will screen at the Bio Rio Cinema in Stockholm before the album, film, and book are released in full on September 1 via Rabid Records. The band will also be auctioning off the custom “bespoke instruments” they used on the tour–the handiwork of designer Bella Rune–to benefit Sweden’s No One Is Illegal Network, which helps undocumented immigrants whose requests for asylum have been denied.

One stipulation: the accessibility of the live album, at least, will be limited. In a disclaimer on a new press release, the band’s publicist noted that the live album “won’t be available to buy or stream in the following territories UK/Eire, USA/Canada, Asia & South/Latin America…due to a long running dispute between the band and its label partner in those territories.” Brille Records, the partner, has been claiming and “demanding rights for this album for no upfront payment…and will not permit the band to release the [album] themselves.” Rabid denies the claim.

You can pre-order the album (which is also streamable) and photo-book now. Currently, you can also watch an excerpt from the live performance at the band’s website, and you will able to stream and download the full performance there on September 1. Check out a trailer for the film and the album art below, and check out SPIN’s photo gallery of the Terminal 5 performance here.