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Superchunk Do Not Want the Support of Donald Trump Fans

One Twitter pundit, whose bio section includes the notations “#SupportTrump,” “#DraintheSwamp” and “#BenCarson,” had a theory about why pop-punk icons Superchunk began a recent concert by volunteering some anti-Donald-Trump sentiments. The Chapel Hill band expeditiously affirmed her reading of the situation.

For those of you keeping score: In June, Superchunk released a 7” benefitting Planned Parenthood, and in December, lead singer Mac McCaughan posted a grim post-election postmortem of 2016 called “Happy New Year (Prince Can’t Die Again).” Yesterday, @hauserlisa1 retweeted a fake Julian Assange account that called Black Lives Matter a hate group and an article offering proof that George Soros effectively “ruled Ukraine” in 2014.

Listen to Superchunk’s recent Chelsea-Manning-referencing single “I Got Cut” below.