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Stars Announce New Album There Is No Love in Fluorescent Light, Release “Real Thing”

Canadian indie-pop outfit Stars have announced their first album in three years, There Is No Love in Fluorescent LightThe band has been cooking since the beginning of this millennium, and with their first single from the new record, “Real Thing,” it looks like they’ve got no intention of changing their stylistic course too drastically. It’s a dancey, poppy record with a healthy quotient of ’80s-pop production gestures, a trickily-shifting groove, and plenty of emotional catharsis. Listen to it, and check out the Flourescent Light cover art and tracklist below.

1. Privilege
2. Fluorescent Light
3. Losing to You
4. Hope Avenue
5. Alone
6. We Called It Love
7. Real Thing
8. The Gift of Love
9. On the Hills
10. The Maze
11. California, I Love That Name
12. Wanderers

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