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Sheryl Crow Wrote a Pretty Good Song In Response to a Twitter User Implying She Was Dead

This is going to require a little explanation. A few weeks ago, Kid Rock said that he plans to run for U.S. Senate in his home state of Michigan, a claim that no one is really sure whether to take seriously. On Twitter, there was something of an uproar over the news of the announcement. In apparent confusion, one random tweeter–a guy who goes by the handle @TunaCatsup–observed that Rock’s old friend and duet partner Sheryl Crow would be “rolling in her grave” if she heard the news. Crow, who is very much alive, politely informed @TunaCatsup of this fact, and her tweet went viral.

A few hours later, Crow had already written a bouncy new song about the surreal exchange. It’s called “Dude I’m Still Alive,” naturally, and it’s way better than such a goofy one-off has any right to be. You can watch the pop-country icon accompany herself on bass while singing her latest composition alongside some studio musicians below.

And in case you missed any of the hyper-contemporary political references she crammed into “I’m Still Alive,” she provided a handy lyric sheet as well.

Crow starts a short U.S. tour in Nashville in September. If fans are lucky, maybe “Dude I’m Still Alive” will make it into a few of her setlists.

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