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Saudi Musician Arrested for Dabbing at Concert

Abdallah Al Shahani, a popular Saudi singer and TV host, was arrested for dabbing during a music festival in the city of Taif over the weekend, the BBC reports. The country’s National Commission for Combating Drugs banned the move recently for its ostensible connection to the other kind of dabbing, though the connection between dabbing the dance and dabbing the method of ingesting insanely potent marijuana is disputed. You can watch a clip of the dab in question below.

Al Shahani has since profusely apologized for briefly inserting his face into the crook of his elbow. “I apologise to our respected government and to my audience for unintentionally and spontaneously making the dance move at Taif festival,” he wrote on Twitter. “Please accept my apology.”

In case you have any doubts about the existence of the rule, witness the following very real anti-dabbing poster published by the Saudi anti-drug commission on Twitter early this week.

Saudi Arabia–which has also been slaughtering innocent Yemeni civilians by the thousands in recent years–remains an ally in good standing with the U.S. government.