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Video: Phantogram – “Funeral Pyre”

Phantogram‘s Three was released almost a year ago, but the electro duo have one more compelling, hyperrealistic music video up their sleeve. “Funeral Pyre” consists entirely of slow-motion drive-by shots of Los Angeles, a catalog of social situations framed by a sedan window. Some residents appear happy enough, but director Gianluca Minucci’s eye lingers on bleaker images.

The video is “a phantom drive in a land of nowhere, where love meets grief, loneliness, violence and desperation,” Minucci wrote in a statement. “It’s a tragic, Pynchonian elegy, of a world destined to a destroying, but perhaps purifying, fire. A descent to hell, the swan song of a city that celebrates its funeral pyre.”

Note: This one is NSFW (boobs, sex, BDSM). Watch below.