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Paul Oakenfold to Release Graphic Novel Memoir

DJ Paul Oakenfold has been a leading name in the electronic music scene for three decades, but his latest project sees him step outside of his comfort zone—and his usual medium, as well. Oakenfold will be collaborating with a number of artists and publisher Z2 Comics for The Wonderful World of Perfecto: With Paul Oakenfold and Friends, a graphic novel retelling of his career to date… kind of.

Wonderful World will boast an artistic team including 4 Kids Walk Into a Bank‘s Tyler Boss and Welcome to Showside‘s Ian McGinty, with each artist taking on a different period of Oakenfold’s life, as retold in a manner that the publisher describes as a “not quite true story,” from his collaborations with U2 to his two-year residency at Liverpool’s Cream and beyond.

In a statement from the publisher, Oakenfold said that he was “honored and excited to be a part of the first electronic music graphic novel. Being a fan of comic books for many years, I enjoyed telling my story in this context, which shows things in a different light.”

His involvement with the project goes beyond writing, however. Oakenfold will also be creating an original soundtrack for the project, which will only be available with the purchase of the graphic novel—continuing an initiative Z2 launches with this month’s Murder Ballads, which features an original soundtrack co-written by Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys.

“We think bringing together music and graphic novels can be the secret sauce of Z2 Comics,” Z2 Comics co-publisher Josh Frankel said in the announcement of the new project. “Our goal is to work closely with musicians and graphic novel creators to create a unique experience, where the music informs the narrative of the graphic novel and vice versa.”

The Wonderful World of Perfecto: With Paul Oakenfold and Friends will be released Nov. 21.

This post originally appeared at The Hollywood Reporter.