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Patrick Carney and Michelle Branch Cover “A Horse With No Name” for BoJack Horseman

Chronically depressed cartoon equine BoJack Horseman returns to Netflix on September 8. An official soundtrack arrives the same day, featuring a new Patrick Carney and Michelle Branch cover of the classic America song “Horse With No Name.” It’s not the first time Carney and Branch have worked together—they co-wrote Branch’s recent album Hopeless Romantic—but it is one of the first songs to list both as lead artists. Considering they’re engaged now, we can probably expect more collaborations in the future.

Carney also composed BoJack Horseman‘s theme music. “It was life-long dream of mine to write a theme song for an animated horse who drinks too much and is constantly struggling with depression,” he said in a statement. Listen to Carney and Branch’s cover of “A Horse with No Name” below.