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Netflix’s Serial Killer Show Mindhunter, Produced by David Fincher, Gets First Trailer

We’re four-and-a-half years out from the debut of the last David-Fincher-produced Netflix series, House of Cards, which made the director was the first auteur filmmaker to come to the streaming service for a collaboration. Though his direct involvement was scant, he helped set a trend now reaching its boiling point, in which streaming services green light projects by name film directors left-and-right. Now, Fincher is returning to Netflix as executive producer on another series, Mindhunter. It’s a period piece that looks to follow in the footsteps of 2007’s Zodiac by examining the techniques behind profiling serial killers. Charlize Theron is co-producing.

The 10-episode first season will follow two FBI agents in the ’70s, played by Jonathan Groff and Holt McCallany, who work with police departments on grisly murder cases. Like Zodiac, it’s based on a non-fiction crime book: John Douglas’ Mind Hunter: Inside FBI’s Elite Serial Crime Unit. At one point in the series’ first trailer, a picture of Charles Manson’s face gets thrown up on the wall in a meeting. Fans of Fincher’s Se7en and Bryan Fuller’s Hannibal series, also, will also presumably find something to latch onto here. Fincher himself will direct three episodes in the first season.

In true Netflix-y fashion, the series has already been approved for a second season ahead of its premiere. Mindhunter premieres October 13 on Netflix, just in time for Halloween. Watch the trailer below.