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Prospective Martin Shkreli Juror Upon Being Dismissed: “He Disrespected the Wu-Tang Clan”

Earlier this month, Martin Shkreli was convicted of three counts of fraud in a Manhattan federal court. Shkreli, of course, worked hard to make himself a public villain after it was revealed that he had raised the price of an anti-AIDS drug 5,000 percent. As such, one imagines that his attorneys had trouble finding the mythical “impartial juror” who could come into the trial with no preconceived notion or opinion of the defendant. Shkreli wasn’t a serial killer exactly, but he was reviled like one.

Today, Harper’s posted transcripts of jury selection from the trial, which confirms that the process was protracted due to so many potential jurors lustily expressing their extreme distaste for Shkreli. According to Harper’s, over 200 jurors were dismissed, including Juror No. 59, who was clear to make it known that Shkreli had crossed him by fucking with the Wu-Tang Clan:


Then there was this person, who cut straight to the heart of the matter:


The transcript shows that prospective jurors had so much bile for Shkreli that they began to be dismissed after just one statement, or before their statement was even finished.


All of these people are correct. Shkreli faces up to 45 years in prison.