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Liam Gallagher – “For What It’s Worth”

Here it is, the only apology you’ll ever get from Liam Gallagher: “For What It’s Worth,” the third single from his upcoming solo album, As You Were.

Naturally, Liam doesn’t last four entire minutes without getting a little defensive: “Let’s not pretend you were ever searching for saints/’Cause I’ve been crucified just for being alive.” That “searching for saints” is a classic unsubtle Gallagher subtext: Ex-wife Nicole Appleton is a member of ’90s British girl group All Saints. Last year, All Saints released their own comeback single, “One Strike,” an electropop ballad that skewered Gallagher for cheating on Appleton.

But for what it’s worth, he said he’s sorry! As You Were is out October 6.