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Video: Kirin J Callinan – “Big Enough” ft. Alex Cameron, Molly Lewis, & Jimmy Barnes

The only thing wackier than Kirin J Callinan‘s recent album Bravado are its music videos. You’re in such luck, because he’s got a new one today: “Big Enough,” which features fellow Australians Alex Cameron, Molly Lewis, and Jimmy Barnes. It stars “Butch Callinan” (who resembles the escaped cowboy hospital patient from “Living Each Day”) and sidekick “Alex the Kid” Cameron in their natural environment: the spaghetti West. It’s a land of rolling hills, bitter frosts, galloping steeds, and rustic wooden saloons, where you’re never far from the celestial screaming of a disembodied plaid torso belonging to veteran Australian rock ‘n’ roller Jimmy Barnes.

When you’re finished guffawing, you’ll notice “Big Enough” is an improbably touching paean to diversity, inclusion, friendship, and the possibility of successful dance-folk fusion. Danny Cohen directed the video. Watch below.