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Julien Baker Returns With “Appointments,” Announces New Album Turn Out the Lights

Julien Baker‘s 2015 debut Sprained Ankle earned her spare, intimate songwriting a passionate following. The title track is as close to indie classic status as a song that’s hardly two years old can be, meaning fans have eagerly awaited new material since Baker announced she’d signed to Matador Records earlier this year. Today, she’s announced her sophomore album and first full-length for Matador, Turn Out the Lights, which arrives October 27.

Alongside the album announcement comes “Appointments,” the album’s second song and a slow, twinkly setting for Baker’s signature confessional hush. Stream the song below, and scroll down for the Turn Out the Lights artwork and tracklist.

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Julien Baker, Turn Out the Lights track list
1. “Over”
2. “Appointments”
3. “Turn Out the Lights”
4. “Shadowboxing”
5. “Sour Breath”
6. “Televangelist”
7. “Everything That Helps You Sleep”
8. “Happy to Be Here”
9. “Hurt Less”
10. “Even”
11. “Claws in Your Back”