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“Weird Al” Yankovic Asked North Korea Not to Kill Us on John Oliver

John Oliver‘s most recent episode of Last Week Tonight featured him lambasting Donald Trump for refusing to condemn white supremacy, examining the tensions between North Korea and the States, and bringing in “Weird Al” Yankovic for a show-closing polka number. The surprise appearance sprung from a joke in the North Korea segment where Oliver makes fun of a clip of North Koreans playing an accordion version of A-ha’s “Take on Me”: “Take that, everyone else who plays the accordion, by which I mean exactly two old Frenchmen and one ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic.”

Oliver believes in Chekhov’s gun, so of course Yankovic showed up to ask North Korea not to nuke us. Watch the performance—where Yankovic asks “Why in the world would you kill Tom Hanks?’—at the 24:35 mark below.