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Jack White Is Releasing an Exclusive 7″ Record Through the Detroit Tigers

<> at Comerica Park on July 29, 2014 in Detroit, Michigan.

The newest release from Jack White‘s Third Man Records will be a 7″ that is only available via a package deal that also includes tickets to a Detroit Tigers game, Pitchfork notes. On the spectrum of Jack White doing Jack White stuff, “releasing exclusive vinyl through your favorite baseball team” probably falls somewhere between “recording a new Neil Young album on equipment from the 1940’s” and “installing microphones outside of your house to trick your children into thinking you control the volume of the rain.”

The new single features a song called “Strike Out,” recorded by a Third Man all-star group working under the name “The Brushoffs,” on the A-Side. The B-Side contains an interview between White and former Tigers star Kirk Gibson, which sounds like the sort of thing you really need to hear on vinyl to appreciate. Check out the ticket package here.