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Fugazi Approve of New Avant-Garde Opera Inspired By Their Live Shows

Fugazi‘s music has been made into an “opera,” but that doesn’t mean coloratura-soprano renditions of “Shut the Door.” Last year, the New York City experimental music-theater ensemble Object Collection wove together a 100-minute stage production (an “opera-in-suspension,” according to the group) inspired by a dense tapestry of noise and incidental sound from the 1987-2002 live archives of Fugazi, which, according to a press release, last roughly 1500 hours. The sound of guitars feeding back, loose stage banter, heckler interjections, and drum warmups became the basis for a dense work scored for 4 vocalists and performers, 4 vocalist and performers, 4 electric guitars/basses and 2 percussionists that is performed live. The piece, entitled It’s All True. is a collaboration between the composer Travis Just and Object Collection writer/director Kara Feely.

According to Pitchfork, Fugazi has just released a public endorsement of Object Collection’s piece. “All of us were both blown away and disoriented by the work,” said Guy Picciotto. “We feel moved by Object Collection’s engagement with our archive material and salute everyone involved for their hard work and patience and for wrestling with such integrity with our sounds and words.”

It’s All True premiered at a festival in Norway last year, but is being staged in September at Cafe Oto in London, and in February of next year at NYC’s La Mama theater.  It’s also being released as a recording on Slip on October 6. Listen to “What’s the Problem” from It’s All True below.