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Fiona Apple on Sinead O’Connor’s Motel Video: “I Wish I Could Be There…You’re My Hero”

Fiona Apple has recorded a supportive video message to Sinead O’Connor on her YouTube page. Apple’s clip comes in response to a video O’Connor posted to her Facebook account last Thursday, in which the singer-songwriter explained that she was living in a Travelodge motel in New Jersey and dealing with mental health issues and suicidal thoughts, while communicating with no one except a psychiatrist.

In her response to O’Connor’s video, Apple said “I just saw the video of you, and I don’t want you to feel like that…You’ve given so much, and I wish I could be there. I wish I could be of some use to you. I’m your friend, that’s all I want to say, and you’re my hero.” Watch the video below.