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DOOM’s Rap Group KMD Is Back With a New Album and Jay Electronica Collaboration

NPR has premiered “True Lightyears,” which unites infamous hip-hop recluses DOOM and Jay Electronica. The song is doubly noteworthy because it also marks the return of KMD, DOOM’s old rap trio back when he was known as Zev Love X and didn’t wear a mask.

This is the group’s first song since their 1993 project Black Bastards. KMD tragically disbanded after group member DJ Subroc, DOOM’s younger brother, was killed while crossing the Long Island Expressway. The group’s label dropped them and shelved Black Bastards, pushing Zev Love X into a period of inactivity before re-emerging as DOOM in 1997.

“True Lightyears” also serves as the lead single for KMD’s upcoming album, Crack In Time. Listen to the song, the second from DOOM’s ongoing The Missing Notebook Rhymes series, below via Adult Swim.