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Deradoorian – “Mountainside”

Angel Deradoorian only released her debut solo album, The Expanding Flower Planet, in 2015, though she’s been a fixture for far longer than that, both on her own and as part of Dirty Projectors and Avey Tare’s Slasher Flicks project. Today, she’s announcing a new mini-album called Eternal Recurrence that was recorded over the last few years, split between a Big Sur writing retreat and a move to upstate New York. Its first single, “Mountainside,” is spacious and warm, tied together as always by Deradoorian’s remarkably empathetic and versatile voice. Listen to it below.

Track list:
1. “Love Arise”
2. “Return-Transcend”
3. “Ausar Temple”
4. “Nia In The Dark”
5. “Mountainside”
6. “Mirrorman”

Eternal Recurrence is out October 6 via Anticon. Pre-order it here.

This post originally appeared on Stereogum.