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David Crosby Calls The Best Show, Says He Once Bought Oregano Instead of Weed

David Crosby was a surprise caller on the former WFMU staple The Best Show last night, as Pitchfork points out. “All I know of you as is these pruciferous [Note: not a word] people on Twitter you keep telling me they want me to call you,” Crosby began, referring to employees and fans of the show that have been rabidly tweeting at him for roughly two years. “I have no idea who you are, or what your show is.” He giggles when Scharpling tells him it’s called “The Best Show.” He seems upset that Scharpling only likes “the old stuff” for a minute when the host brings up the early Byrd tune “Everybody’s Been Burned,” but then Scharpling assures him that he likes “all of it.”

The two go on to talk about the talent of Gene Clark, music education, and says he reads “recent history of the last 100 years” all the time. He says the dumbest purchase he ever made was “five dollars worth of pot in the Village…[which was] an envelope full of oregano.” Listen to the episode here; scroll to around 11:30 for Crosby’s appearance.