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Dave Chappelle Talks Trump on Colbert: “He’s Like a Bad DJ at a Good Party”

Dave Chappelle has a 16-night Radio City residency to promote, so he stopped by The Late Show With Stephen Colbert to do just that. Colbert and Chappelle discussed the comedian’s noticeable muscle gain, how he’s been performing comedy since he was 14, and naturally, Donald Trump. The 45th president came up because Colbert asked Chappelle about hosting the first Saturday Night Live show following his election, where he ended his monologue by saying we should give Trump a chance. Chappelle having to answer Trump-related questions in nearly every interview he does is becoming a bore, but this conversation sparked some decent bon mots despite Colbert’s shallow preparation (“Do you still smoke?”):

Chappelle: I don’t know if I’ve ever heard in public discourse people discussing ethics this much, and I didn’t even realize how ethics were necessarily supposed to work at that level of government. And he’s putting all this stuff on the forefront.

Colbert: Well, nobody really talks about oxygen until someone’s got their hands around your throat.

And later in the conversation:

Chappelle: He’s a polarizing dude. He’s like a bad DJ at a good party.

Watch the segment below.