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Craig Finn Tweets and Immediately Retracts Sick Chris Cillizza Burn

WESTBURY, NY - NOVEMBER 19: Craig Finn of the band The Hold Steady performs on stage as Chrysler presents The Hold Steady powered By Pandora at The Space at Westbury on November 19, 2014 in Westbury City, New York. (Photo by Eugene Gologursky/Getty Images for Pandora Media)

Chris Cillizza–a CNN-via-Washington Post pundit with a uniquely brazen willingness to portray politics as a sporting event with no real consequences for Americans who take their lunches at locations other than the Sweetgreen on Capitol Hill–is not exactly a well-liked guy in many corners of the internet. This morning, he tweeted about one of his sympathetic qualities: a fondness for the music of Hold Steady songwriter Craig Finn.

Finn, it seemed for a moment, was having none of it.

Among tweeters who love  leftist politics and boozy anthemic indie rock, there was a small celebration. But alas, it was a brief one.

Damn, Craig.