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Colin Kaepernick Donated $34,000 to J. Cole’s Dreamville Foundation

Last year, former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick revealed his intentions to donate a million dollars to various charitable organizations. As of now, he’s donated 80% of that million dollars, and has released itemized accounts of where that money has gone. Today, sports business reporter Darren Rovell revealed that Kaepernick has recently donated $34,000 to J. Cole‘s Dreamville Foundation non-profit, which is based in his hometown of Fayetteville, North Carolina. The Dreamville Foundation describes its mission as “to reveal to the urban youth, their limitless potential, through positive life- altering experiences.” An accompanying statement read: “Colin will be helping to fund a couple of new projects in development which he is very excited to support. Colin will be releasing details of the projects in development in the coming weeks.”

Recently, J. Cole spoke out in support of Kaepernick at a Baltimore concert. Kaepernick, too, returned the favor.

Kaepernick, somehow, is still unemployed despite being one of the 60 best quarterbacks in the world, most likely because of his kneeling protest during last NFL season, which attracted reams of criticism from the stupidest people alive. More players have followed his example this year.