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Brand New Have Released Their New Album Science Fiction

Emo icons Brand New have released their fifth album Science Fiction. Following a pre-sale which ended up with some fans receiving a mysterious, limited-edition CD featuring one unseparated 61-minute track, the record is now available for digital download. Physical orders will ship in October. It is not yet available on streaming services.

Science Fiction is out via Brand New’s own label  Procrastinate! Music Traitors, and is their first release since 2009’s Daisy. Check out the tracklist and cover art below, and download or order the album here.

1. “Lit Me Up”
2. “Can’t Get It Out”
3. “Waste”
4. “Same Logic/Teeth”
5. “Could Never Be Heaven”
6. “137”
7. “Out of Mana”
8. “In the Water”
9. “Desert”
10. “No Control”
11. “451”
12. “Batter Up”

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