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Big Boi Gives Bulldog Puppy to Toddler Paralyzed in Shooting

And now for something a little more heartwarming: Atlanta rapper/Outkast icon Big Boi gave the gift of dog to a 5-year-old girl, who became a random causality of gun violence earlier this year. In April, Abriya Ellison was playing in a bouncy castle when she was shot by an unknown assailaint, along with a three-year-old and an adult. Ellison was in critical condition and became paralyzed, but her spirit lit up when Big Boi gave her a bulldog puppy of her own.

“I’ve been born ready for a puppy,” Ellison said.

WSB-TV reports that Big Boi, who owns the bulldog breeders Pitfall Kennels in Atlanta, heard Ellison’s story and wanted to contribute something to her recovery.

“My brother saw her story that morning,” he told reporter Lori Wilson. “He was like, bruh, we gotta do something for this little girl.”

Ellison has wanted a dog since well before the shooting, but just completed three months of intense physical therapy and took a shining to therapeutic service dogs during her stay in the hospital.

“There’s nothing like having a companion or a service dog or something that’s therapeutic that you can love on that can love back on you,” Big Boi said. “She’s been through a lot. And to see how strong she is now, that was just like, oh my goodness, definitely inspiring. It just touched our hearts. So we’re just trying to do what we can do to help.”

In addition, Big Boi and his brother agreed to pay veterinary costs and any additional medical costs from a GoFundMe page set up in Ellison’s name . They’re also paying to have Ellison’s house made more handicap accessible.

The little girl named the tiny black bulldog “King.”

Just a week ago, Big Boi released a video for his track “Chocolate,” taken from this year’s Boomiverse. Watch it here. Big Boi’s Boomiverse is out now and you can stream it here.