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Beck Releases New Song “Dear Life,” Announces Colors Release Date

Beck has formally announced his upbeat new album Colors, and released a first single, “Dear Life.” Colors is out October 13 from Capitol. It follows Morning Phase, which won Album of the Year at the 2015 Grammys.

Two earlier Beck singles, “Dreams” and “Wow,” also appear on the new album. Another song, “Up All Night” previously appeared in the FIFA 17 soundtrack and in an ad for smartwatches. Hear “Dear Life” and see the album artwork and track list below.

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Beck, Colors track list:
1. “Colors”
2. “7th Heaven”
3. “I’m So Free”
4. “Dear Life”
5. “No Distraction”
6. “Dreams”
7. “Wow”
8. “Up All Night”
9. “Square One”
10. “Fix Me”

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