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A List of Things Mark Kozelek Holds Up In His “Daffodils” Video With Sean Yeaton

In the hypertext, referential world of Mark Kozelek, getting through a song is like going down a Wikipedia K-hole. His new video—for the song “Daffodils,” from his collaborative album Yellow Kitchen with Parquet CourtsSean Yeaton—is no different. Kozelek sits in front of a webcam in a well-appointed room, holding up ephemera from his grab bag of touchstones. He lights a candle and swats a game board off a table. Other than that, some shadows flit on a glass door behind him.

Here’s a (nearly) complete list of all the shit he holds up during the 12-minute video.

  • A paperback of My Life by Bill Clinton
  • The Night Stalker: The Life and Crimes of  Richard Ramirez by Philip Carlo
  • The Bible by God, a huge paperback
  • The Priests by Jane H. Miller
  • The Undisputed Truth, a biography of Mike Tyson
  • A CD copy of Black Star by David Bowie (2016)
  • A postcard of a painting of a horse-drawn sleigh in a snowscape
  • A VHS copy of Grave of the Fireflies
  • A snowman plushie
  • Anne Geddes’ Until Now hardcover (x2)
  • Action figures of boxers in a match
  • A weathered copy of a vintage Playboy magazine
  • Smokin’ Joe the Autobiography of Joe Frazier
  • This is the German Shepard by Capt. WM Goldbecker and Ernest H. Hart
  • Life by Keith Richards (x2)
  • A bottle of Teas’tea Pure Green Tea, 16.9 oz (takes a swig)
  • A special edition of Time magazine with Barack Obama on the cover
  • A CD copy of Sleep — Sleep’s Holy Mountain, still in plastic wrap
  • A small yellow book with a rooster figurine atop
  • A hand-painted ceramic dish, blue and white
  • Various world currencies
  • Chess set (knocks off side table)
  • A silver clock
  • A black LG flip phone
  • A paring knife with a white plastic handle
  • A prayer candle and lighter
  • A small lute or some such

Watch the video below.

Yellow Kitchen came out in June on Caldo Verde.