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Wolf Parade Announce New Album Cry Cry Cry, Release “Valley Boy”

A new Wolf Parade song appeared on Spotify and Apple Music today. The track, “Valley Boy,” is a dramatic Spencer-Krug-driven rocker with an anthemic group chorus and an unusually smooth section for dueling guitars. It’s the band’s first work since their reunion release, EP 4, from last year, and it went live along with cover art and an iTunes preorder link for an 11-track, Sub-Pop-released album called Cry Cry Cry. Listen to “Valley Boy” and check out the iTunes track listing and cover art for Cry Cry Cry below; as Stereogum reports, a Juno page for the record says the album will be released on October 6.

  1. Lazarus Online
  2. You’re Dreaming
  3. Valley Boy
  4. Incantation
  5. Flies on the Sun
  6. Baby Blue
  7. Weaponized
  8. Who Are Ya
  9. Am I an Alien Here
  10. Artificial Life
  11. King of Piss and Paper