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Ty Dolla $ign’s Free TC Did Not Help His Brother in Prison

As Ty Dolla $ign fans know, the L.A. singer and producer’s brother TC, who is currently serving a 67-years-to-life sentence in California’s Calipatria State Prison for murder, is very important to his music. TC, or Jabreal Muhammad, maintains his innocence, and Ty has been vocal in his support of his brother, even including prison recordings Muhammad (a singer) and his friend D-Loc managed to upload to YouTube in his songs. “Miracle”/”Whenever,” an ambitious suite Ty crafted around audio from one of TC’s videos, was the centerpiece of Ty’s 2015 full-length Free TC. References to TC peppered the album at other points as well.

In a new Guardian interview, Ty revealed that highlighting his brother in his music has not been altogether beneficial for his brother’s life in prison. As a result, Ty’s upcoming project Beach House 3 would not include a TC feature, or perhaps even a reference. “After Free TC, [TC] just got hella attention and something happened where it got back to them and he ended up getting locked in the hole for a long ass time,” the singer told The Guardian, “so right now there isn’t a song on Beach House 3 with him.”

TC was also featured on Ty Dolla $ign’s Campaign mixtape of last year (“No Justice”), and Ty released a short “Free TC” documentary last year making a case for his brother and discussing police injustice.

[h/t FADER]